When Amanda and Kimberly contacted me for their elopement wedding in Lac-Beauport, they had a clear idea of what they wanted: an intimate, stress-free wedding in nature with no guests! They wanted a private, relaxed, no-pressure wedding experience so they could focus on their union.

They knew a big wedding was not for them. So they choose to have an elopement wedding in the Quebec City area.

Getting ready and vow writing at their A-frame cabin in Lac-Beauport before their intimate elopement ceremony

Amanda and Kimberly didn’t want to spend too much time on the road going from place to place on their wedding day, so they decided to book an Airbnb that would accommodate all the activities they had in mind for their elopement day. Their choice was an off-grid mini A-frame cabin in Lac-Beauport where they could get ready together, host their ceremony and celebrate with each other afterward without having to go too far. Located at the top of the mountains of Lac-Beauport, the mini-chalet offered a breathtaking view of the mountains of the Laurentian forest.

When I arrived at the location, I was in complete awe of the landscape facing their cabin, incredible to think we were only minutes away from Quebec City. After admiring the scenery, I went to join Amanda and Kimberly inside.

Since getting ready photos was not that important to them, we opted instead to document a relaxed moment just before the ceremony where they had the opportunity to write their wedding vows in their pretty notebooks.

« Working with Mirona was a real delight! She is helpful and thoughtful. She guided us through the entire process and is far more than a simple photographer, she also helps organize your special day with some cute personalisation along the way. She really takes the time to listen to what you want, she’s accommodating and makes sure your special day is perfect!»

Amanda & Kimberly

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Afterward, they joined each other to prepare the last details before the ceremony: to put back some hair, to put on their shoes, and to take their individual flower bouquets.

Their mountain-top elopement wedding ceremony

For the ceremony, they wanted to be alone, without guests to focus fully on their commitment to each other.

How is it possible to have a wedding without guests?

It is important to know that in Quebec, for a wedding to be legal, the couple must have a wedding ceremony with a celebrant and two witnesses. In Amanda and Kimberly’s case, since they wanted to live this moment in all intimacy, they hired a professional officiant and asked me and my assistant to be their legal witness.

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For Amanda and Kimberly, choosing a celebrant who could deliver a Christian ceremony was also super important. Integrating their values and beliefs into their union was a priority. The ceremony took place in the middle of nature, with the sun setting as the words were exchanged. Far from the stress of a big wedding, far from the city, far from the big crowds.

It was truly a beautiful union between two wonderful women who were clearly in love over the moon. They wanted to be in a place that felt like home, a place that would allow them to be 100% comfortable and relaxed to celebrate this important moment in their lives. And it was a total success.

At the end of this fabulous intimate elopement ceremony, we proceeded to sign the legal papers (you can see me here signing my first papers as a witness to a wedding!).

I felt so blessed to have such an important role in their day, but also to be able to allow them to have the elopement day they dreamed of without feeling pressured to invite anyone else simply out of ‘formality’ and ‘obligation’.

Wedding celebration in a tiny A-frame cabin in Lac-Beauport

The newlyweds had a mini wedding cake made for them to share. We took some photos of the cake cutting while enjoying the sunset light which offered us a magnificent spectacle. We also seized this moment to take some couple photos in this completely enchanting landscape. Amanda and Kimberly were, absolutely glowing with happiness.

« ALSO her pictures were BEYOND expectations! We get compliments on how amazing they are all the time!! We are so happy with how beautiful our photos are! Would recommend over and over again! »

Amanda & Kimberly

Together, we took advantage of the last light of the day to watch the majestic mountains as far as the eye could see. While enjoying nature, we had a glass of champagne on the balcony of the mini-cottage to celebrate their newlywed life. 🥂

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