Capturing the raw emotions and timeless memories of couples’ most cherished milestones is an honor for any photographer. As a Québec elopement and proposal photographer, every assignment brings new stories and experiences. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the enchanting proposal of Nico to Brian at the Lagöm cabin, nestled in the picturesque surroundings of Lac-Beauport near Québec City. Join me as we recount the beautiful journey leading up to this special moment and the magic that unfolded during their unforgettable proposal.

The proposal location : The Lagöm Cabin in Lac-Beauport

Nico, the thoughtful proposer, came across the Lagöm cabin while searching for a unique location to surprise his partner, Brian. This charming off-grid cabin perched on a mountainside stole Nico’s heart, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. After stumbling upon one of my blog posts featuring a charming same-sex couple’s elopement in Lac-Beauport, Nico felt a connection and reached out to me. The seeds of a beautiful collaboration were sown, setting the stage for an incredible proposal.

Planning and photographing the proposal

Recognizing the significance of this milestone, Nico reached out to me weeks leading up to the proposal. Together, we meticulously planned every detail to ensure the day would be flawless. From coordinating logistics to scouting the place for me to hide, my expertise and Nico’s dedication merged to create a seamless experience. Despite concerns about the lingering smog from the nearby forest fires, the couple’s luck turned around when rain arrived on the morning of the proposal, dispelling the smoke just in time for their special moment.

As the rain subsided, Nico and Brian arrived at the Lagöm cabin, unaware of the beautiful surprise awaiting them. I hid behind the patio’s BBQ, eagerly awaiting the perfect moment and capture the essence of their love. The mountain view provided a breathtaking backdrop, elevating the atmosphere to something truly magical. With the stage set and emotions soaring, Nico dropped to one knee, presenting two rings that symbolized their shared journey and future together.

Working with me as their proposal photographer in Lac-Beauport near Québec city

Having photographed numerous proposals in Montréal, this was a special opportunity for me to document such a significant event near Québec City. The uniqueness of the Lagöm cabin and the couple’s connection to the location made this proposal even more meaningful. Their trust in me was humbling, and it allowed us to collaborate closely, resulting in an authentic and heartfelt documentation of their love story.

Through my lens, I captured the raw emotions, the fleeting glances, and the profound joy that radiated from Nico and Brian. From the anticipation leading up to the proposal to the resounding “yes” that sealed their commitment, every detail was meticulously preserved. The resulting photographs encapsulated the pure love and happiness that enveloped the Lagöm cabin that day.

Nico and Brian’s proposal at the Lagöm cabin near Québec City was a remarkable moment in their lives, filled with love, beauty, and the splendor of nature. With my guidance and support, they crafted a breathtaking experience that they will cherish forever.

As a Québec elopement and proposal photographer, being entrusted with capturing such extraordinary milestones is a privilege. The Lagöm cabin will forever hold a special place in our hearts as the backdrop to their unforgettable proposal, and the photographs will serve as a timeless testament to their enduring love.

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